A little history
Born in Uruguay in the early 70´s, it was highly unlikely that I would end up dedicating my life to graphic design. Graphic Design was not a big thing back in those days and in Uruguay it was a career engulfed by other disciplines with better global projection (namely Architecture or Art). Nevertheless I found myself being moved to Barcelona at an early age and soon discovered the potential of visual communication. I went on to study Advertising and was always torn between the thunderbolt impact of advertising and the subtle simplicity of design. It was the latter that ultimately caught my heart. From Architecture (family business you could say) through advertisement and finally in graphic design I have always loved the ability of these disciplines to enhance, enrich and evolve human interactions. As a designer I worked myself up from junior positions learning the basic skills and remaining curious and always amazed at the beauty of the design process. Assuming more senior roles as Creative Director in several agencies added more parts to the puzzle, opening the big picture of strategic design, talent management and more control of the whole creative process. In all it has been a wonderful journey so far, and I am confident the best part is yet to come as design plays its important role in shaping the next steps for society.